Luontopolku, joka vie järvelle.

My path

We have collected all services, pages and articles related to your situation under one page. The content recommended for you forms ‘My path’, where you get exactly the right content for your situation under one roof.”

My path is the first version of the service

In the future, you will receive more content targeted just for you. Personalization is constantly being developed in connection with the introduction of the service.

How does personalization work?

Personalization is based on tagging and uploading content based on the categories in question. Personalization does not collect information about you and your choices are not saved in the browser or the system. The personalization options are session specific, meaning they disappear when you close the browser.

We track choices in analytics monitoring if you have given permission to use statistical cookies – this information is anonymised and cannot be linked to users.

What all is personalized?

The personalized elements appear on the website with a colored background.


You can filter the content below based on scene, interest and content type – observe that the classification of the content is still ongoing, so it will still be general and will change under autumn.

Information according to your situation