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After cancer

Increasingly more people with cancer can return to normal life following treatment. Getting through the illness takes time. Once treatment ends it is best to take things slowly and regain your strength.

How to go on?

The end of treatment can feel both relieving and frightening at the same time. Once treatments are over it can feel as if you have been cut adrift. Close interaction with nursing staff ends and you have to manage on your own.

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What happens in follow-up care?

After receiving treatment patients receive follow-up care. Cancer patients are monitored at regular intervals. Follow-up care varies according to the type of cancer and its distribution. read more about follow-up care.

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Life after cancer can make you worry

Once treatment and monitoring have finished many people start to worry that their cancer will reoccur. It is possible that this fear will never totally disappear. But it does get less over time. You can find out from doctors and statistical information the risk of cancer recurrence. But it is important to remember that statistics do not describe individual cases. People and cancers are dissimilar. This is why one cannot predict individual cases of cancer recurrence.


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Back to work after cancer

A long absence from work may require support, flexibility and rehabilitation. The best results come from cooperation between the employer, employee and occupational health service.

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How do I cope with it all?

The strongest emotions often subside gradually over time, and adjustment becomes more and more an inner work in itself. 

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Taking care of yourself

Taking care of daily routines is part of self-care. Taking care of yourself during your illness is the most important way you can contribute to your recovery.

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When cancer cannot be cured

Cancer cannot always be cured permanently, but the spread of the disease can be stopped or slowed down. This is called chronic cancer. Chronic cancer can progress very slowly or remain unchanged.

Chronic cancer