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The services of cancer organizations are intended for everyone who is thinking about issues related to cancer. The support services also help when everyday life gets busy.

Do you need help, support or advice?

What happens now? Are you worried about your financial situation? A cancer diagnosis brings many questions and concerns. We are here for you so you can talk about your cancer, its treatment and other concerns.

The cancer organizations also offer various courses to support your well-being and give you strength.

Peer support is an important part of the support for cancer patients and their relatives. Sometimes the person affected by a serious illness can get the best help from someone who has experienced the same thing themselves. The cancer organizations offer versatile peer support both on the web and through their member organisations.

Services for different life situations

Cancer organizations offer a wide range of different courses, peer support both with a support person and in a group.

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Member associations of cancer organizations organize various events around Finland. Check the event calendar for events near you.

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