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If you are experiencing grief, you are not alone. It’s not easy for anyone to accept their illness, and most people feel sad about giving up, losing their dreams for the future or the experience of having a say in their own life.

If you are experiencing grief, you are not alone.

Intense grief is a strong and powerful emotion, so it is sometimes difficult to face. You may feel that you will never be happy again. Grief can be felt and explored in a way that will help you to cope with the feeling. Feeling grief is not always easy. It can be blocked by feelings of anger. Grief can be associated with experiences of rejection, pain, loneliness, isolation and being crushed. Grief can also be physical experiences of heaviness, slowness, tearfulness, and paralysis. Your relationship with yourself may be negative and you may feel that you deserve what has happened. Often, these thoughts only add to your depression.

Although moments of happiness are hidden right now, life has moments of sadness and joy. Find a balance between denying sadness and letting it take over. You don’t have to invalidate the feeling of grief, but you can pause to consider whether it is narrowing your perspective and missing out on the positive.

Balancing the two is not easy. But you can try to make changes that will help you to find a balance.

You can learn to say kind things to yourself

  • I can cope, even though I’m scared now.
  • My sadness is understandable and it is unlikely that I will always feel this way.
  • I can do my best to focus on the positive things as well as sadness.

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