Ask for advice

You can use this form to ask for advice from one of the CSF’s oncology nurses. An oncology nurse will reply to your message as quickly as possible during the national advice service’s opening hours. You can also use the form to request a call back.

Privacy policy

The national advice service is a counselling service run by the Cancer Society of Finland for everyone with questions about cancer or who needs support in coping with cancer. The national advice service’s staff respond to messages as quickly as possible. The contact form requests that you supply either a phone number or email address. The advice service is confidential and its staff are bound by professional secrecy. Only the staff of the advice service are allowed to read the messages.

People contacting the service can do so anonymously if they prefer. The oncology nurses running the advice service do not ask for personal information that may identify those contacting the service.

It is preferable that you do not include important personal information when you contact the national advice service. The email contact form is not protected and so information security is not absolute.

The national advice service responds to messages by email or phone. Any information concerning you will be destroyed after three months of receiving your message. Any possible personal information will also be destroyed.

Information about people contacting the service is not disclosed to another party. The national advice service monitors the utilisation of the service by counting the number of daily contacts it receives, but these figures are used for statistical purposes only.